A standout amongst the most utilized Javascript gadgets over the previous decade has been the content box autocomplete gadget. Each Javascript structure has their own particular autocomplete gadget and a considerable lot of them have gotten to be truly praiseworthy. Much like the placeholder first experience with markup, an every now and again utilized usefulness has been moved from a Javascript-just utility to HTML through the new DATALIST component.

<datalist> .... </datalist>

The HTML <datalist> Element holds a set of <option> elements that speak to the qualities accessible for different controls.

The <datalist> tag defines an arrangement of predefined choices for an input component.

The <datalist> tag is utilized to give an "autocomplete" offer on input components. Clients will see a drop-down arrangement of predefined choices as they input information.

You can utilize the input component's schedule ascribe to tie it together with a datalist component.

Here is the Syntax for DATALIST Element

Supported Browser
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	<option value="option value">


Below is complete syntax along with example

<!DOCTYPE html>

    	 <title>Title name will go here</title>
        <input list="country">
		<datalist id="country">
			<option value="India">
            <option value="Australia">
            <option value="Sourth Africa">
            <option value="Canada">
            <option value="America">

        <input type="submit" value="submit"/>