So now you may have some knowledge about the MARK Element with reference of previous chapter. In this chapter let's start a new Element, MAIN Element of HTML5, which is entirely new in HTML5.

<main>. . . </main>

The MAIN Element is an alternative solution for the wrapper or container. The main document on a website can be written under MAIN Element. An additional property is used to define this element (role=main) for proper rendering in web browsers. If you are using an older browser you can use and additional css (display:block) for well rendering in old browsers. The MAIN Element can be used after the header and before the footer. This Element is allowed once in an HTML5 Document and can't be used as child elements.

Here is the Syntax for MAIN Element

Supported Browser
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<mark>some text here</mark>

Below is complete syntax along with example

<!DOCTYPE html>

    	 <title>Title name will go here</title>
			<p>This is Header Part</>
			<p>This is main part</p>
			<p>This is Footer Part</>