One of the new components for Html5 is the nav component which permits you to gathering together connections, bringing about more semantic markup and additional structure which may help new learners.

<nav> . . . </nav>

The nav component speaks to an area of a page that connections to different pages or to parts inside the page: a segment with route joins. Not all gatherings of connections on a page need to be in a nav component just areas that comprise of real route pieces are fitting for the nav component. Specifically, it is regular for footers to have an arrangement of connections to different key parts of a site, however the footer component is more fitting in such cases, and no nav component is vital for those connections.

Here is the Syntax for NAV Element

Supported Browser
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<nav> Some referal text wil go here </nav>

Below is complete syntax along with example

<!DOCTYPE html>

    	 <title>Title name will go here</title>
				<a href="#">Text1</a> |
				<a href="#">Text1</a> |
				<a href="#">Text1</a> |
				<a href="#">Text1</a> |
				<a href="#">Text1</a> |