With reference of previous chapters you may have now familiar with HTML declaration, META Tag implementation and all about the HEAD part of HTML5. Now We will start from here about BODY Tag and its containing element. It's a humble request to the user that If you are at all new in website designing and want to learn a complete range of HTML elements, you can try it from any other resources. This tutorial will now start step by step learning of HTML5 Elements only.

<body> ..... </body>

A BODY Tag is most required tag of HTML. It is defined after the head section of HTML. The all contents that are shown in the browser, is written in the <body>. It sends an information to the browser that what content has been defined for displaying in the browser.

Here is the Syntax for BODY Tag

	<!-- Start writing your content here -->

Below is complete syntax along with example

<!DOCTYPE html>

        BODY Tag
	<!-- Start writing your content here -->