The DOCTYPE announcement must be the exact first thing in your HTML report, before the html tag.

<!DOCTYPE html>

The DOCTYPE announcement is not a HTML label; it is a guideline to the web program about what variant of HTML the page is composed in.

In HTML 4.01, the DOCTYPE affirmation alludes to a DTD, in light of the fact that HTML 4.01 was focused around SGML. The DTD points out the tenets for the markup dialect, so that the programs render the substance accurately.

HTML5 is not focused around SGML, and hence does not oblige a reference to a DTD.

You'll note that its fundamentally less complex than most Doctypes that you've seen — and that was purposeful. A ton has changed in HTML5 trying to make it much less demanding to create a measures based site page, and it ought to truly pay off at last.

What's decent about this new DOCTYPE, particularly, is that all present programs (IE, FF, Opera, Safari) will take a gander at it and switch the substance into norms mode — despite the fact that they don't execute HTML5. This implies that you could begin composing your website pages utilizing HTML5 today and have them keep going for, quite a while.

On the off chance that nothing else, this ought to be a decent reason to look through the progressions in HTML5 and acquaint yourself with what's in the pipeline for programs.

Note: Always add the DOCTYPE revelation to your HTML archives, so that the program comprehends what kind of record to anticipate.

Here is the Syntax for DOCTYPE

<!DOCTYPE html>

Below is complete syntax along with example

<!DOCTYPE html>

    	Page title will go here
    This is test page